Gwen Chasan


Artist Statement

I’m drawn to the patterns of nature and their parallels in human thought and expression, the play of light and shadow, and the expressiveness of the creature form. I find inspiration in my travels, my neighborhood, my studio, and Spy Pond, and it is echoed in my dreams and then in my paintings.

I studied mathematics because of the profound pleasure I derive from discovering the order and symmetry of the universe. And I became a painter later in life to fulfill a lifelong desire, after completing a corporate career and raising my children. I believe that all my (chaotic) life experience contributes to the connections I see in everything and the way I express that in my paintings.

I work in drawing media and watercolor and acrylics—separately and together—in representational as well as abstract form. I enjoy experimentation and new and unique materials. My work is predominantly paint-based, but I incorporate other media, such as Asian fiber papers, from time to time. I love to draw and I am inspired by the line and its beauty and expressiveness.

I began my serious pursuit of art after leaving my corporate career in 2011. I have attended courses and workshops at the Museum of Fine Arts, deCordova Museum Art School, Arlington Center for the Arts, Concord Art Association, New Art Center, Munroe Center for the Arts, Cape Cod Art Association, and private workshops in the US and France. My work has been included in juried exhibits locally and regionally.

In addition to my own painting practice I enjoy leading painting workshops, especially for new painters and those who claim they “can’t draw a straight line.” It is my goal to introduce them to the incomparable joy of playing with paint. For more experienced painters, I share my unending efforts and techniques to loosen up, turn off that big brain, and paint from the heart.

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