Roy DiTosti


Artist Statement

I grew up bombarded by photographic images from modern culture; magazines, newspapers, movies, early television and family.

The presence of photography, like electricity, is so integrated into our personal lives that it’s often taken for granted. There are stories of people running out of a burning building but stopping to retrieve the family photo album.

In the late 60’s I studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design graduate program and earned a MFA degree in 1971.

I’ve worked as a photography instructor at various colleges around the Boston area. Most of my career is involved with commercial assignments for ad agencies, corporations, P.R. firms and the film industry.

For me photography became a tool to explore the external world and my internal world of feelings.

Because of my early training in documentary photography I always try to present things objectively.
This imaging tool provides an excellent method to examine and help celebrate and understand life’s complex and mysterious journey.

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