Erik Hansen


Artist Statement

My entire life has been bathed in art.  As a boy growing up in the suburbs of Manhattan, I was exposed to the urban institutions that hosted creative ideas constantly in new and exciting ways.  I lived among the statues, paintings, unique furniture and books of my parents “museum” home.  It is hardly surprising that I am an artist today.

Imbued with this sense of history, I studied history and art history at Rutgers University.  I carried an inner fantasy world with me while I pursued a commercial art career.  Over many years I mastered lighting techniques.  This skill I particularly exploit to enhance the atmosphere of my sets.

I refer to myself as a constructionist artist whose medium is photography.  I assemble carefully fabricated sets and employ sculpture, woodworking, painting, collected photographs and found objects.

Now that the opportunity to exhibit and sell at ArtSpace Downtown has arrived, I will include images more conventionally processed.